How To Find Us

PAWs paddocks are located at Meadow farm, address & postcode as follows:

Meadow Farm,
Whitchurch Road,

PAWs paddocks are situated at Meadow Farm which can be accessed by a dirt track (This is located to the right of the dolphin centre car park – this is a rough track which can become quite weather beaten therefore has a number of potholes.

If you are uncomfortable driving to PAWs paddocks on this then you can park in Pangbourne, follow the track to the bottom where you will find us situated, the first paddock on the right as you enter Meadow Farm but please note that the entrance is at the top by the barn.

Please drive slowly along this track, no more than 5mph.

There is a height restriction bar at the beginning of the track which is 2m high – if you require this opening please contact us upon making your booking.

Continue up the track & you will find Meadow Farm, you will see the banner on our fence line – turn right & follow the track down, through the picket fenced private signage & down towards the bunker & the barns.

PAWs paddocks entrance can be found to the right hand side, there is a gravel area & you will see the gate in front of you with a PAWs of Pangbourne sign. Please drive very slowly down this track as there is a lot of wild life & a cat living here.

The entrance can be found at the bottom of the paddocks, by the barns – you can drive in via the gate with the PAWs of Pangbourne sign.

There should be space for 2 smaller cars in here & 2 cars outside the gate or 1 larger vehicle within the gates.

Please note that if not parking within the gated area, all dogs must be kept on leads at all times.

You can use the hook attached to the shed to hook the gate back so you can drive your car in without it swinging & hitting your vehicle.